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"Express Service, Express Care"

Simple steps...
  • We contact your doctor.
  • We process the insurance paperwork. 
  • We coordinate your supplies. 
  • We deliver to your door & on time. 
  • We make sure you are always stocked. 
  • YOU are just a call away.  

DME Supplier Standards

our Commitment

Finally, a medical equipment company that services your medical equipment needs. Here at Express DME we are committed to providing you with a variety of services. We will accommodate you from obtaining your required needs from your doctors to conveniently delivering your medical supplies to your front door.With Express DME’s specialist staff, we assure each individual with the appropriate pairing of products. You don’t have to worry about the paperwork, we will submit your information to your insurance provider so it relieves you from the stress of getting your benefits.

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Insurance Billing

Communication is key, and when it comes to billing and insurance coverage we want you to receive the most of your benefits. We directly bill with Medicaid and Medicare alongside other insurance providers. Our expert staff at Express DME will analyze your insurance allowances and complete the necessary documentation to ensure compliance according to your insurance providers’ guidelines. Time is sensitive and we at Express DME will minimized the time you spend with us and paperwork to meet your medical supply needs.

Privacy Statement

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